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digital telecine transfer from Timeless Moments Limited

The Best That You Can Get - Camcorder video transfer from Timeless Moments

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As more and more of us take advantage of high quality low cost camcorders available today, so more and more tapes are being forgotten in the bottom of a dusty drawer.

The camcorder format was and is a brilliant revolution in ease of use and convenience, however when it comes to playing back your memories they leave a little to be desired. Fiddling around the back of the TV to connect camcorder output cables is awkward unless you leave them plugged in all the time which means exposed connectors lying around on the floor behind the TV (yes weíve done it too). Then you have to find somewhere to stand the camera hoping the dog or little Jimmy doesnít knock it on the floor - what joy! Little wonder then that a lot of us are transferring our priceless memories to DVD.

However, how many of us actually do it? How many of us have the necessary software and how many of us has a fast enough PC to handle the data and the enormous renderia_manhatten_girl-low02_1ng time?

Why not sit back and relax and let Timeless Moments take the strain. We will capture your film, remove unwanted bits, add a menu and chapter points and package your DVD which includes a printed DVD disk and good quality DVD case with professionally printed sleeves. We donít use tacky labels, our Photo Lab printers print at 9600 dpi (dots per inch) directly onto your finished DVD. All this from only £10 for 60 minutes of captured film to digital file (£15 per hour for DVD). Our Enhancement series adds huge possibilities to your finished film to make it really stand out when you show to family and friends.

Finally, donít forget that even the best quality miniDV tapes suffer from magnetic wipe, heat, humidity, dust and mechanical damage just as all other forms of magnetic tape do. So donít leave it too long to transfer you memories to DVD.


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