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digital telecine transfer from Timeless Moments Limited

Some examples of Cine film transfers carried out in our Studio
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1968 Buses of Nottingham
filmed on Standard 8mm Cine. 1 min 26 sec

This film was transferred for the BBC and shownon their Preserving the Past. It shows
the different types of buses serving the Nottingham areain the 1940ís.

Standard 8 mm cine via TVT-8J Telecine machine


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Stanton Iron Works, 16mm cine film transfer with actor Robert Lindsay for BBC1

Timeless Moments has helped resurrect the life and times of our local Stanton Iron Works which was unfortunately closed by the French owners in May 2007 but at itís height employed 12,000 local people.

Footage was found in a skip of the plant which follows the companyís history in the 1940s right up to the 1960s, much of the footage shows the 500lb bomb making plant in 1944, when Stanton was converted from drain pipes and sewer manufacture to bombs, gun barrels and air raid shelters for the war effort.

All the film found is in 16mm format. We transferred this for the local Erewash museum over a period of around a year. Now the BBC, Erewash Museum program Inside Out has put together a short film showing the footage that Timeless Moments transferred for the Erewash museum.

Actor Robert Lindsay who was born in Ilkeston retraces his steps back to his first job shoveling S**T!

This program featuring footage shot inside the now mothballed plant by Timeless Moments was originally shown shown on March 3rd 2009


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1920ís High Society Wedding
On 16 mm Cine. 3 min 17 sec

This film from 1928 shows a high class wedding in a local church that we are still trying to identify.
If you know where the church is please let us know.
To date this is the oldest film we have transferred and was filmed only
6 years after 16 mm film was introduced. Click on the picture to view.

16 mm cine, silent via TVT-16 Telecine machine


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Roger Bannister's 4 minute mile 6th May 1954
5 min 25 sec

Transferred from 16mm film by,
Roger Bannister's historical shattering of the 4 minute mile barrier is shown here in superb quality.

16 mm cine, silent via TVT-16 Telecine machine


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Concorde Wind Tunnel Testing

16 mm cine transfer by Timeless Moments Ltd
16mm, 24FPS, 720P, Optical Sound

Early footage of the design and testing of Concorde models, very rare.


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The seminal sci-fi horror film. Back in the 1970s when this film was made and
before many people had VHS players, you could buy shortened versions to play on your projector. These films were Super 8 with
sound and ran for around 15 - 30 min, an edited version of the main film.


Transferred by Timeless Moments Ltd from Super 8 with magnetic sound stripe, 24FPS, 720P


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Charlie Chaplin, 1920
This old 9.5 mm cine film was one of the first to be uploaded using our new custom built 9.5mm telecine machine. We added appropriate music too!


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