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Well weíre not going to argue with that!

So to that end here is our simplified price list. If you donít see something you expect itís because itís probably included in the price!

Just to make it clear as well as simple, the following are NOT charged for.

Case design
Digital copy of footage if you are having a DVD *
Hard drive or memory stick required, either you supply or purchase from us
* Standard Definition footage is free if you are having a DVD transfer.


Cine Films

Standard Definition (DVD Quality) for Standard 8, Super 8, 16mm, Super 16mm

15p per foot to standard definition digital files
20p per foot to DVD (includes free digital footage)

High Definition

Advanced MP4 files at 1920x1080p and 40 mbps resolution and includes advanced colour enhancement and restoration

20p per foot to High Definition MP4 file
25p per foot to High Definition MP4 File and DVD (DVDs are always standard definition)

Other Formats

25p per foot 9.5mm film to Standard definition AVI file
30p per foot 9.5mm film to DVD


Tapes and other film formats

Anything to DVD costs £15 per hour of footage, we only charge you for whatís on the tape.
Anything to digital files costs £10 per hour of footage.

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35mm Slides

60p each to a 4000 dpi tiff file and we throw in a set of jpegs at the same massive resolution. Saved to memory stick or hard drive.
If you would like a beautifully designed slide show on DVD with transitions, music, pan and zooms then add another 10p per slide.


Reel to Reel Audio Tapes (see movie)

We use a superb Akai GX-215D Auto Reverse professional reel to reel tape recorder for the transfer of audio reels to digital file. This is not some cheap USB gadget on Amazon, this is the business and will get the very best from your tapes, it was a considerable investment for us in order to be sure we can supply customers with the very best audio available.

In addition, our prices are about the best available for a professional transfer:

1 side (mono or stereo) £10, any length
2 sides (mono or Stereo) £15 any length
If you want the files to CD please allow for an additional £10 per 70 min of audio.

Other Costs

Just a few extras you may want to add on.

All cine film sound tracks cost 8p per foot extra, 16mm optical is included.
Duplicate DVDs cost £10 each
500 GB external hard drives are £49.95 each
32 or 64 GB memory sticks are £20 each, you can of course supply your own drives and sticks if you have some going spare.
Postage is £6 to £14 return generally unless you have a monster order. If you post your order to us we wonít charge you postage back!
Collection is free of charge from anywhere in the UK mainland.
Coffee and biscuits in our Studio are supplied free of charge!

Cool Extras

Highlights cost £50 per DVD
Enhanced menus cost £30 per DVD
PhotoDVD added to the bonus section of your DVD adds £50 for each DVD
Credits, £50 and they go on the last DVD in the set.

Note, when we say each DVD this doesnít mean duplicates, it means that if you have a lot of footage the project may be spread over multiple DVDs, each one is different, therefore so are the enhancements. A bit confusing but if you give us a ring weíll clear it up.



Weíve got a minimum charge of £40 for each film format to digital and £50 to DVD, (£50 to HD digital). We also have a minimum length of 50 feet for transfer, sometimes reels with less footage than this can cause significant problems in the transfer process and often require leaders to be attached, it also prevents people from cutting their films into tiny strips only to find out later that they cannot be transferred

There are a few other prices but they donít often come up. To be sure if your order looks like itís going to cost more than you thought for some odd reason we will always contact you to discuss extra costs. If after that youíre not happy then weíll send it all back to you free of charge. So in the end you donít have to worry, thatís the last thing we want. We do this job to bring smiles to peopleís faces not make them worry!

So thatís the end of our simplified price list, let us know what you think, too simple? You want tables and graphs? Or is it just right? Weíd love to hear from you. Why not type it in that chat box over there on the right side of your screen. Thanks for reading this far.

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