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digital telecine transfer from Timeless Moments Limited

The Preview DVD service
(Not currently available, call for details)

Timeless Moments were the first company to offer this service in the UK, it is now in it’s 10th successful year.

collection of reels

Help, I don’t know what’s on my reels!

This is probably the most common question we are asked. How can we put together something meaningful from Cine reels or camcorder tapes that haven’t been watched in years, there are no labels, no dates and no way of viewing the films.

Fortunately we can help and the answer is simple. Firstly we organise the reels or tapes according to any existing titles or chronology. We then capture the footage and produce a DVD. At this stage the DVD has nothing but the most basic of editing and no colour correction. Each reel is assigned a reel or chapter number which is selectable from the scene menu.

For the entire length of the film we imprint a timecode. This allows you to accurately select a section of film to either move, delete or adjust in some way.


Reorganising the films

All you have to do now is simply watch the footage on your television and decide what is the correct location of the reels or tapes, assign a meaningful title to each reel or tape and any subtitles you require using the timecode as a reference. See the table below as an approximate example.


Current Reel position

New Position






Blackpool 1969




Austria 1970




Switzerland 1970




Nottingham Carnival 1971


Timecode Precision

Using the timecode you may precisely remove unwanted footage: E.G.

“please remove from 0:45:34.03 to 0:45:56.02”

or specify subtle changes: E.G.

“we would like the footage from 1:04:23.15 to 1:06:56.3 placing at the start of reel 34”.

Once you have filled in the preview sheets provided you may scan and email them back to us or simply post them. Once we have your finished sheets back we can then reorganise and correctly title your footage.

Title Limits and deletions

 We have had to introduce titling limits to this service and these are as follows.

1 new full screen title every 50 feet or approximately 4 min for Cine film, and 1 new full screen title every 10 minutes for other formats. These titles are included with the price of the preview DVD. Additional titles can be purchased for £1 each. There’s no limit to what you can have on the title within reason. If it’s a lot then please email it to us.

The price for this service is 5p per foot of Cine film and £20 per hour for modern media, e.g. VHS, Video 8, miniDV etc. Each DVD can hold around 4 hours of footage. For camcorder and VHS tapes a cheaper £5 per tape preview DVD is available which will allow you to identify the footage and provide a few titles for that tape, there is no timecode included on the basic preview. This is not available for cine films except by special arrangement.

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