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We transfer cine film for the general public, television companies, museums, and archives. Our customers are mainly based in the United Kingdom but we offer an international service with clients as far afield as Uganda, Gibraltar, the USA and Saudi Arabia.

Cine film of all formats have been used by the public and film companies since the 1920s, indeed the oldest footage we have transferred is from 1924 and featured a football match between Uruguay and Switzerland. Generally speaking what we see most is Standard 8 and Super 8. These are 8mm formats which, whilst expensive, were within the reach of hobbyists from the 1950s onwards. We often see 16mm too although this was very expensive and tended to be professional or semiprofessionally shot, often with sound tracks. 9.5mm film is the least common format we encounter but often tends to be the oldest, in fact the film from 1924 was shot on 9.5mm.

If you are deciding to have your films transferred you will probably have one or more of the formats mentioned above. At Timeless Moments we have professional telecine machines for each format. We carry out all the transfers here in our studio where the film benefits from a thorough cleaning process before entering the telecine machine.

You then have a choice of how you wish to receive your films, to DVD, Standard Definition digital files or High Definition Digital Files. This depends on what you wish to achieve with your transfer. If you simply wish to watch the films again around the TV then DVD is best.  Digital files give you the most control over your films, standard definition is fine for most cine film types, high definition digital files will show more detail and have better colours, but require a more powerful computer to edit, they are also only advantageous on the very best quality film that was shot on a very good camera and has been kept in excellent storage condition, ask for a sample if you are not sure which is best for you.

Take a look below at the different options available to you.

Cine film to Disc, to Digital, to Portable or to the Cloud, or a combination of these, the choice is yours

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real testimonials
all about our live support

Our live support is now available. If you’ve not used live support before there’s nothing to be shy about. It’s an instant answer to any question you may have, and we do mean any question regarding our services.

When you type your question in the chat box we will see it popup on our screen. We will then give you the answer you need. No personal details are taken, it’s totally safe to use and is fast becoming the number one way to do business online.

Think of it like a shop. You wouldn’t walk into a shop with no shop keeper present or nobody to help you if you had a question because that’s what websites have been like up to now.

So give it a go, we love chatting with you.

Editing the footage yourself?

Take a look in our unique shop for the very best quality items in small quantities for your home editing project. Normally to buy the best in this business means buying in bulk, but why would you want to buy 50 Archive grade DVDs for example when you only need 5? Our shop is geared precisely for this apparent gap in the market, we cater to the home editing enthusiast. Watershield DVDs, Amaray cases, Mirror paper and lots more. Quick easy online payment by Paypal or Credit card.

FAQ Centre

Check out our brand new FAQ section on the website. We’ve put together a whole host of frequently asked questions and there’s probably a few interesting nuggets you never knew about lurking under one of the department headings.

We’d love your feedback too, or any questions you think would be useful to others, let us know and we’ll add them to the FAQ with a credit to you!

Watch on your TV

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Watch on TV

Have your films transferred to DVD, remastered and fully edited, including all titles, a main menu, a scene selection menu, context sensitive licensed music, JVC Watershield discs, Amaray cases and more. Everything is included in one simple price. Titles can be as long as you like, no really, we can even scroll the titles like credits if you wish, no limits!

This is your choice if you just want to sit down with the family and enjoy an evening reminiscing. Duplicate copies are available for sharing, you can specify the images to be printed on the disc face and case inlay, just let us know or email them over.

Edit on your PC, MAC, or Portable Device

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Transferring your films to a portable hard drive, USB Flash Drive or Portable multi-media centre like Apple TV is one of the most popular options we see today. Nowadays almost all computers purchased within the last 5 years are able to edit film. With editing comes control. You decide which bits of film to keep or lose, you decide the music, the title positions, you can even colour correct the footage to your own tastes.

What’s more you can add your own photos to the film, add effects, record a narrative, the only limitation is your imagination. Best of all, this service is the lowest cost of all, a remarkable price of only 15p per foot (20p for HD Cine) and £10 per hour of tape footage. Editing is fun and easy, and if you run out of time you can always send the hard drive back to us and we’ll finish the job off for you!

Pinnacle 17

my cloud is our exciting new service, we upload your films (cine only) to our cloud servers. Once there you can download, preview or watch the entire movie wherever you are in the world. Best of all it’s totally free to all our customers. Click on the image below to find out more about my cloud.

share your films around the world
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Finally in the best KISS tradition and in the words of the immortal Leonardo, we have tried to keep everything as simple as possible, but not simpler!

So our prices are the simplest possible, one price to DVD, one price to Digital, 20p per foot and 15p per foot respectively. Unlike a lot of others who have obviously never heard of KISS, we don’t add a myriad of charges for things like titles or menus, we don’t limit you to “two lines of text and only 30 words in total” nonsense. Whatever you want we can do, and whatever we can do you can see what it will cost, quickly and easily. Simple!

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