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HDD (Hard Disk Drive Camcorder) Transfer at Timeless Moments

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In the 2000s camcorders were introduced with an internal hard disk drive doing away with the need for tapes. The image quality had also improved by now as long as you went for a good quality make like Panasonic, Sony, JVC etc. Here at Timeless Moments we transfer HDD cameras to digital files to the cloud or USB drive. The price is the same as any other camcorder tape would be, that is £11 per hour after editing out junk footage.

HDD file tree.JPG

How does Timeless Moments Transfer My HDD footage

On the left you can see a small selection of the sometimes thousands of small movies these cameras make. These are ordered usually by the file name, e.g. MOV001, MOV002 etc. These are dropped into our video editing package and combined into one full length movie. 

Potential Problems

If the files have been modified or overwritten AFTER shooting this could give a file name with a later date but an earlier file name or vice versa, this means that the footage will be all messed up. In this case there is only one other option, that is to connect the camera directly to a special device to take the playback from the camera to the computer after pressing play on the camera. If this isn't possible then your footage will be mixed up and you will have to edit this yourself as there is no way we can know what order your footage should be in.

What about digital remastering or upscaling?

This can be done as a separate process and is chargeable. Please see our Digital Remastering Page for more information.

How much is the transfer going to cost?

We only charge you for what we call good footage. This means that if you have 1 hour of film, but 20 minutes is TV, 10 minutes is filming the pavement, then you would have 30 minutes of watchable film left, this is what we charge you for, so in this case, at our rate of £11 per good hour of footage you would pay £5.50 for 30 minutes. All tape types are the same price, there are no hidden extras. All the work is done in our studio, we never send your films to anyone else.


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