Timeless Moments Current Prices

Cine film to digital files

Cine Film Transfer

Note all storage media is charged as shown below and not included in the transfer price. You may send your own storage media.
Formats are MP4 as standard but you may request any other format instead for no extra charge

Full High Definition Cine Film Transfer
20 pence per foot to MP4
25 pence per foot to DVD (includes digital files if required)

Standard Definition Cine FIlm Transfer
15 pence per foot to MP4
20 pence per foot to DVD (includes digital files if required)

Proteus Ultra Digital Remastering for Cine Film Transfer
10 pence per foot (HD transfer is recommended)

Other Cine Film Transfer formats
9.5mm 25 pence per foot to High Definition MP4 only or 30 pence per foot to DVD

Cine Film Sound Transfers including frame perfect synchronisation
8mm Magentic sound - 20 pence per foot
16mm Magnetic sound - 30 pence per foot
16mm Optical sound - 8 pence per foot

Video tapes to digital or DVD

Video Tape Transfer

£10 per good hour of film (after editing) To Digital files (MP4 or user-chosen format)
£15 per hour to DVD (digital footage included)

Proteus Ultra Restoration and Upscaling for Video Tape Transfer

£10p per good hour of film after editing (includes raw footage)

Slide scan to digital

35mm Slide Scanning

To 3200 DPI (dots per inch) equivalent to 13 megapixels including colour restoration and Digital Ice 4. Scanned to TIFF files ideal for high-end printing. The second set of JPEG images is included for ease of viewing. Negatives are priced the same.

50 pence per slide (32Mb files size)
£1 per slide to 6400 DPI

Prints to 6" x 4" 50 pence each.
Larger prints - Submit prints to us for a quotation.

If slides need mounting add 20 pence per slide, including mount.

Audio reels to mp3 or digital or CD

Reel to Reel Audio Transfer, Cassette Tape Transfer

1 side (mono or stereo) £10, any length
2 sides (mono or Stereo) £15 for any length

If you want the files to CD please allow for an additional £10 per 70 min of audio.

digital film transfer

Storage Media

We only use high specification brand name USB drives reading at least 130 Mb/Sec. Note prices are extremely volatile at the moment and we reserve the right to update this page regularly.

32Gb (suitable for around 4 hours of film) - £12.50
64Gb (suitable for around 8 hours of film) - £20.00
128Gb (suitable for around 15 hours of film) - £25.00
256Gb (suitable for around 28 hours of film) - £40.00

Other sizes are available, we will quote you depending on how much storage space you need.

Other prices


Cloud Storage is free of charge for 6 months
Duplicate DVDs cost £15 each
Collection is free of charge from anywhere in the UK mainland.
Coffee and biscuits in our Studio are supplied free of charge!

Courier return is charged at Parcel2Go standard prices +£2

Note: Minimum charge and Minimum Footage length

We have a minimum charge for all work of £40, this is around 200 feet of cine film and 4 hours of video tape.

We also have a minimum footage transfer length of 50 feet, so please do not attempt to cut down the footage on the 3 inch reels to save money as this results often in damaged film that can't be transferred.