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Video tape transfer at Timeless Moments Limited

Copy video tape to digital, copy video tape to DVD

At Timeless Moments we transfer video tapes of all kinds. These are typically VHS tapes and Camcorder tapes with a few digital tapes and some professional-grade media to boot. From the late 1980s cine film cameras gave way to the hand-held camcorder. At first, these used full-size VHS cassettes and were quite bulky but soon the VHS-C cassette was introduced which vastly reduced the camera size to make it more manageable. Later in the 90s, the Video 8 tape arrived followed quickly by the higher quality Hi8 tape and then Digital 8. The latter had its size reduced again to become miniDV tapes. There were some odd-ball sizes like microMV from Sony but they didn't last. miniDV became the last of the tape formats to be used and by this time in the early 2000s, it was in high definition at 720p and was called HDV tapes.

Copy video tape to digital, copy video tape to DVD

In between these common formats of tapes, there were some other types of tape that were less commonly seen, such as Betamax and the super rare Phillips 2000. Whilst some of these went on to become mainly professional film types most just died away. 

What kind of tapes can Timeless Moments Transfer?

The following are all the film tapes we support

Video 8
Digital 8
Phillips 2000
Digibeta, Betacam

Copy video tape to digital, copy video tape to DVD

How does Timeless Moments Transfer My Tapes

On this page, you can see actual photographs of the machines we use daily to transfer tapes. We always try to use professional decks rather than camcorders because they give a better picture quality than the standard domestic camcorder or recorder. The VHS decks for example are Sony SVO-5800P, a broadcast-quality machine with six play and sound heads to obtain the very best picture quality.

What file output do you use?

Whatever you wish, if a customer doesn't specify a file type then by default it is MP4.


What about digital remastering or upscaling?

This can be done as a separate process and is chargeable. Please see our Digital Remastering Page for more information.

How much is the transfer going to cost?

We only charge you for what we call good footage. This means that if you have 1 hour of film, but 20 minutes is TV, 10 minutes is filming the pavement, then you would have 30 minutes of watchable film left, this is what we charge you for, so in this case, at our rate of £11 per good hour of footage you would pay £5.50 for 30 minutes. All tape types are the same price, there are no hidden extras. All the work is done in our studio, we never send your films to anyone else.


Copy video tape to digital, copy video tape to DVD
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