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Timeless Moments Vs Asda Transfer

Asda is one of the supermarkets who have made the move into High Street Cine Film Transfer a few years ago. Let's do a side by side comparison with the two services. Here is a snapshot from April 8th 2022 off Asda's own website for 1600 feet, a typical amount of footage and yet it's oddly the maximum you can select here, anyway here it is.

comparing Asda.JPG

It is not stated here that the footage is scanned at High Definition but as it costs more to digital files than it does to DVD this tells us quite a lot. DVDs don't support HD so it's almost certainly an SD scan. The reason DVD is cheaper is unknown and makes no sense as it takes longer and includes more materials, anyway, let's compare like for like SD transfer price:

Timeless Moments SD transfer for 1600 Feet @ 15p per foot £240
Asda Transfer - £397.50

Timeless Moments Sandisk 32Gb USB Drive £12.50
Asda USB Drive price - Not stated

Timeless Moments - Full edit including colour correction - Included
Asda - Not stated

Timeless Moments Cloud Storage - included
Asda Cloud - Not stated

If we assume that the USB drive is included in the Asda package then the difference in price is £145 more expensive at Asda.
Even if it's an HD scan then it's still £77.50 more expensive.

When you consider that this is most likely unedited, uncorrected, and is sent off to another company to do the work then I think you can see which service is better value for money.

There are no example scans on their website so it's not possible to see what quality their scanning service is. Timeless Moments has multiple examples of our scans on our examples page so you can see what you are going to get.

Asda do not scan the film themselves, at the bottom of the web page it states:

"This website is owned and operated by Online Photo Services Limited, a trusted partner of ASDA Stores Limited ("ASDA"). Online Photo Services Limited is registered in England and Wales with Company number 10672113"

If you look up this company on companies house it states that the company is dormant, ie not trading, so this does not make sense, perhaps Asda no longer offer this service and the basket will automatically empty when you try to buy something, I don't know, I'm not willing to find out.

All in all, I would be very careful about using High Street Stores to carry out a cine film transfer with your precious films, even if you don't take them to us, take them somewhere reputable that you know are doing a good job on-site.

Here is the companies house statement for the Asda Supplier

I struggled hard to find any reviews of this service except this one I am linking, feel free to search yourself, however, I think the comments back up what I thought when writing this article.

asda company.JPG
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