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Film Transfer Shipping Information


Sending your precious films by post needn’t be a worrying experience. Providing you follow some basic guidelines there shouldn’t be any problems.

Make sure you package your films correctly, think about the size and weight of the finished package. For example, a few 3 inch reels will be fine in a jiffy bag, as would a few Hi8 tapes, however, if you have many heavy 7 inch reels then we would recommend a sturdy box with bubble wrap around each reel. The box ideally should be a double wall as single wall boxes can be torn or punctured in transit.

Next, mark your package with some labels such as “Handle With Care”, or use tape with the words “Fragile” printed on it.

Now make sure that you always use the postcode, the delivery service in most cases only needs the house number and the postcode to determine an address but it is better to write the full address.

Make sure you add your address on the back of the parcel, it should always start with “Sender”.

Royal Mail offer several services, however, we would recommend only two:
1st Class Recorded Delivery and Special Delivery. 1st Class Recorded usually arrives the next day and requires a signature, however, it has minimal insurance and cannot be tracked until after delivery, it can also take several days to arrive although this is unusual. You will pay more for Special Delivery but it is guaranteed for 1 pm next working day, insurance is higher and the parcel can be tracked after leaving the post office. For more information see the Royal Mail Website here.

In all the years we have run this business to date (March 2022) we have never had a parcel go missing, lost, or damaged using Royal Mail. Our customers send us work from all over the UK, Ireland, USA, Europe and further, Royal Mail deals with these international packages when they arrive at the UK hub.

Free Collection for all orders anywhere in the UK mainland

We understand that your films are priceless to you and ideally you would prefer to drop off the films if you lived close enough. We have had people drive the length of the country to hand-deliver their films because they are afraid of them being lost if they post them normally.


First of all, we would like to assure all readers that in the last 17 years the number of packages that have gone missing or been delayed more than a day so far numbers.....ZERO. That’s right, it has never happened. Providing you address your parcel correctly and use Royal Mail first class recorded or special delivery your parcel will arrive at our studio within one or two days.

However for peace of mind we are offering a FREE collection service for ALL orders within the UK mainland. All you need to do is box up the films, weigh and measure the box preferably in Kg and cm, then call us to arrange collection. We will arrange the best date for your films to be collected and email you the packaging labels to stick on the box. It’s that simple and your films are guaranteed to arrive safely. You will of course save a considerable amount of postage costs on large items when compared to Royal Mail. To arrange collection call us now on 0800 075 4064.

Feel free to download and print out a mailing label to attach to your package, click the image below.

mailing label.JPG
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