Share your film transfer with myCloud

Securely share your films and photos with your family and friends, anywhere in the world with my cloud.

my Cloud is a special service from Timeless Moments for all our customers if requested. Your footage and photos are uploaded to our partner Google Drive’s cloud service. For the next six months, your files will be available absolutely free of charge for viewing or download. There are no extra charges for larger files and no limitations on file sizes, film length or the number of photos. Make sure you select the cloud service on your order form!

Available before you receive your order in the post.

Your footage will be saved to the cloud shortly after scanning and before dispatch of the finished project. At that time you will receive an email from your editor with a link to your personal folder in our Google Drive. This folder contains all your material and can only be accessed by you or anyone you wish to share the link with.

Preview, download and backup

With this service you can preview or download all your files in a couple of clicks to your home PC or MAC. Once stored on your computer you can copy the data to a storage device for long term backup, or upload them to your own cloud account. We recommend Google with its generous 15Gb free storage. Also worth considering is the excellent Dropbox which allows 5Gb of free storage.

Google Account not required

You do not need to have a Google account to access your folder, however if you do you will have more options such as sharing, editing and more. Google accounts are free of charge to setup.

Files are stored on my Cloud for a minimum of 6 months, after which time it will be removed.

Copy tapes to digital with cloud storage
Copy tapes to digital with cloud storage
Copy tapes to digital with cloud storage