colour grading for home movies

Digital Remastering (Grading)

Digital Remastering (DRM) or grading is the process of taking an analogue image, in this case, cine film, and attempting to correct the colour problems that can arise with age, poor processing, poor storage, poor camera setup etc to gain the best possible image.

Cine films especially are vulnerable to colour changes with age. The emulsion (the bit of the film that actually has the picture) is made up of different types of dyes. These dyes can fade at different rates over time. On some films such as Kodak Kodachrome, this is less likely to happen but in most cases, there will be some benefit from a DRM pass. Some other types of film can suffer significantly more than Kodachrome, films such as Ilford and some foreign makes are particularly susceptible. In addition, the incorrect use of filters or the incorrect selection of film type when originally shot can make a huge difference

What do Timeless Moments Offer?

We carry out standard digital remastering on all film transfers and it's included in the price. This includes a white-balance pass to ensure more natural colours. Exposure pass to bring out dark backgrounds, colour grading to ensure the vividness of the images and a contrast pass to improve image definition.

Proteus Artificial Intelligence Remastering (10p per foot cine and £10 per hour tapes)

New for this year is the addition of our Proteus AI remastering process. 

Using a database of millions of images the artificial intelligence program

compares the images from your film and where data is missing it rebuilds

the image using standardised parameters. The results are startlingly good

and can be used to improve almost all types of footage. To the right are just

a few of the parameters that are adjusted individually for each film to ensure 

the perfect image. Below are some before and after shots of this process

and finally some of the Proteus remastered footage for you to view.

Examples of Proteus AI Remastering VHS


colour grading for home movies
Remastering footage at Timeless Moments

VHS high noise removal, sharpening and upscale to FHD

Remastering footage at Timeless Moments

VHS high noise removal, sharpening, smoothing and upscale to FHD

Remastering footage at Timeless Moments

Closeup  of the Galatta Tower in Istanbul before and after correction

Proteus AI Fidelity Remastering to UHD of Cine film