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Cine Film Transfers 

Telecine film transfer

We carry out cine film transfers for the general public, television companies, museums, and archives. Our customers are mainly based in the United Kingdom but we offer international service with clients as far afield as Uganda, Gibraltar, the USA and Saudi Arabia.

Cine films of all formats has been used by the public and film companies since the 1920s, indeed the oldest cine film transfer we have done is from 1924 and featured a football match between Uruguay and Switzerland. Generally speaking, what we see most is Standard 8 and Super 8. These are 8mm formats which, whilst expensive, were within the reach of hobbyists from the 1950s onwards. We often carry out 16mm cine film transfer too, although 16mm film was very expensive and tended to be professional or semiprofessionally shot, often with soundtracks. 9.5mm film is the least common cine film transfer format we encounter but often tends to be the oldest, in fact, the film from 1924 was shot on 9.5mm.

If you are deciding to have your cine film transferred you will probably have one or more of the formats mentioned above. At Timeless Moments we have professional telecine machines for each format. We carry out all cine film transfers here in our studio where the film benefits from a thorough cleaning process before entering the telecine machine.

You then have a choice of how you wish to receive your films, to DVD (less common), or High Definition Digital Files (most popular). This depends on what you wish to achieve with your cine film transfer. 

Cine Film Transfer Options

Cine film transfer to a portable hard drive, USB Flash Drive or Portable multi-media centre like Apple TV is one of the most popular options we see today.

TV Playback

All modern TVs have USB slots on the side or back. To playback your films simply insert the USB drive and use the Source button on your remote control to select USB, your films will then appear in a listing on the TV which you can navigate and play.

PC/MAC Editing

Nowadays almost all computers purchased within the last 5 years are able to edit film. With editing comes control. You decide which bits of film to keep or lose, you decide the music, the title positions, and you can even colour correct the footage to your own tastes.

What’s more, you can add your own photos to the film, add effects, and record a narrative, the only limitation is your imagination. Best of all, this service is the lowest cost of all, a remarkable price of only 20p for HD Cine. Editing is fun and easy, and if you run out of time you can always send the hard drive back to us and we’ll finish the job off for you!

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Home movie editing
Free cloud storage for your films

my cloud is our exciting new service, we upload your films to our cloud servers. Once there you can download, preview or watch the entire movie wherever you are in the world. Best of all it’s totally free to all our customers. Click on the image below to find out more about my cloud.

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