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Place your transfer order online

Instructions for ordering. Please read the following notes then submit your order, call us on 0800 075 4064 if you are unsure of any aspect of the ordering process. Please also ensure you have checked the prices including the minimum charge for all work before sending your films for transfer.
 1. Simply fill out the details below and click to submit the order. We will receive your order form and print it out. Once the package arrives we will combine the order form with the package.
2. Please ensure that you put your name and address in the box on a piece of paper. Once the films arrive we will email you to let you know we have everything safely.

3. Don't worry if you are unsure of the footage length, we can give you a quotation on request, just include that on the special instructions.

4. If you are supplying your own media to copy the digital files to please remember to put it in the box.

5. As a guide, 1 hour of footage or 800 feet of cine is around 7Gb in space requirements. If you don't supply media we will supply it for you, please see the pricing page for current prices of USB drives.

6. Do not send any payment with the order, we will invoice you by email once complete and you may pay by BACS, Paypal, Debit or Credit Card.

7. If you would like us to collect your package free of charge with DHL/UPS then please submit the order as above then call us free with the package weight and dimensions on 0800 075 4064. We will then arrange for the courier to collect on a suitable day or you may choose to drop off the package at a nearby store. Note you will need a printer for this option.

Finally, if you wish you can print this page before hitting the submit button but with everything filled in by right-clicking and then choosing PRINT.

Online Order Form
If you prefer you can telephone your order in on Freephone 0800 075 4064 *

*Free on UK landlines and most mobile contracts

The phone and email address are required in order to contact you if we have any queries

The country is not required unless you are outside the UK

Media To Transfer
reel to reel.png
Transfer Requirements

If you are ordering a DVD please fill in the fields below. Do not fill them in if you are ordering digital only

Shipping Requirements

Copy your films to DVD
Free courier collection
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