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Slide scanning service

35mm Slide Scanning Service 3200 DPI, Digital Ice 4

35mm Slide Scanning Service (Scroll to the bottom for prints)

35 mm slides and prints to Digital Tiff & Jpeg on cloud, access anywhere in the world * - an incredible 60p per slide! (hight street shops will charge you up to £3 per slide). The price includes 3200 dpi tiff files (6400 dpi POA) on the cloud. The second set of jpegs is included free of charge. Surely the best value deal in the UK today

Using Epson high-resolution slide scanners we can breathe new life into those old 35 mm slides. The scanner is specially designed to get the best out of slides and will automatically compensate for fade, exposure, colour and even remove scratches, dust, fingerprints and dirt, magically rebuilding the correct image. Once scanned the software can improve the image further. Each slide or print is scanned at 3200 dpi (40MB), large enough for an advertising billboard and will give superb prints at A4 or even A3 size. We do not charge more for output as a tiff file.

Digital ICE™ included as standard!

Digital ICE™ is the industry standard system for computerised digital restoration of film (CDRF). Developed by Nikon for use with their high-end slide scanners, only a highly trained individual using the latest photoshop software can come anywhere close to the level of restoration that can be achieved with Digital ICE™ and the cost would be extremely high to hand touch up each and every frame to the level of Digital ICE™ restoration could take between 10 minutes and 12 hours depending on the amount of restoration required per slide. Don't believe any website that tells you they use photoshop to achieve better results than digital ice unless they are charging several £££ per slide!

* Images are stored free of charge for 6 months on the cloud. Access requires an internet connection.

Latest Colour Correction Routines

The image on the left is a scan of how these 12 images actually look. The image on the right is with colour correction added. Click on the images to enlarge.

transfer slides to digital
slide scan colour grading

Digital Ice 4 Details

Digital Ice slide scanning

Digital ICE™ (Image Correction & Enhancement) Digital ICE™ works in tandem with Epson’s special LED illumination to remove surface defects like dust and scratches from a scanned image without altering the underlying composition, details or any other elements of the original image.

Digital ROC™ (Restoration Of Color)

Digital ROC™ restores colours lost through fading of the original film. After calculating the amount of colour shift, it then instantly rebuilds and restores the deteriorated colour values automatically. The results are faithfully rendered
digitised images.

Digital GEM™ (Grain Equalisation & Management)

Digital GEM™ reduces the effects of film grain. It reads the grain details in film, extracting all the vital data related to image quality and color. The resulting images are sharp, clear and devoid of grain clumping or graininess

Digital DEE™ (Dynamic Exposure Extender)

Digital DEE™ makes its debut in Digital ICE4 Advanced™. This new feature helps reveal details that are sometimes lost in shadows and highlights. It compensates for the underexposure of backlit subjects or shaded areas as well as the overexposure of brightly lit areas.


We also scan photographic prints and negatives (including colour negatives). Prices are usually around the same at 50p per print up to 6" x 4", larger prints will cost more. Note Digital Ice does not work on prints however the colour correction component does work very well.

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