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Cine film Transfer to digital, Camcorder transfer to digital, Slides to digital, Audio to Digital, Cassette transfer to digital, VHS transfer to digital, Betamax transfer to Digital

For the last 18 years here at Timeless Moments Limited, we have been specialising in the professional transfer of all types of film and photographic material for the general public, film and television companies, museums and other outlets, specialising in the transfer of cine Digital files. The top search terms to find us are, transfer cine to DVD and transfer cine to digital. DVD is still possible but it's quite a rare transfer nowadays.

In 2014 we were delighted to have been chosen by Which? Computing Magazine as the best company tested to transfer cine films to the general public. Click the Which? logo at the top of the page to read the review. Click here to read more on why you should trust Timeless Moments with your films and what to look out for when choosing the right supplier. 
Scroll down to read about the cine film transfer, videotape transfer, slide scanning and audio reel transfer.

Note our new opening times, now 10 am until 6 pm Monday to Thursday, 10 am until 5 pm on Friday and 10 am until 3 pm on Saturdays. We are closed on Sundays. Please call first if you wish to drop off your films.

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My Cloud storage upgraded -
Now 12 months free storage for up to 64Gb of data.

The massively successful Proteus AI Remastering has an upgrade, Proteus Ultimate, now outputs your remastered film in 60 frames per second for amazingly lifelike reproduction. Find out more here.

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What Do Our Customers Say about Timeless Moments?

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We started Trustpilot in 2023 and have achieved only 5-star reviews over the last year. We are delighted with our progress and will continue to strive to bring excellence in all that we do.

We are delighted to have a 5 Star Record on Trustpilot and Google. We always strive to provide our customers with the best service possible and treat their priceless treasures as if they were our own. Understanding people's needs is very important to us, we like to treat our customers the same way we would like to be treated and this has served us very well over the years and we believe this is why we are given such high ratings.

Please see the price list for all current prices

Cine Film Transfer

Transfer cine to digital, cine to DVD

Cine Film Transfer to Digital 22p per foot

Incredible value at extraordinary quality for High Definition Cine Enlarged Gate Film Transfer MP4 files.

Our customers are mainly based in the United Kingdom but we offer international services with clients as far afield as Uganda, Gibraltar, the USA, Saudi Arabia, and Hong Kong as well as many European countries. We transfer cine film to DVD, transfer cine film to digital files.

Cine film of all formats has been used by the public and film companies since the 1920s, indeed the oldest footage we have transferred is from 1924 and featured a football match between Uruguay and Switzerland. Generally speaking, what we see most is Standard 8 and Super 8. These are 8mm formats which, whilst expensive, were within the reach of hobbyists from the 1950s onwards. We often see 16mm too although this was very expensive and tended to be professional or semiprofessionally shot, often with soundtracks. 9.5mm film is the least common format we encounter but often tends to be the oldest, in fact, the film from 1924 was shot on 9.5mm. Whilst it can be of excellent quality, we have rarely seen any really good 9.5mm, it's generally poorly shot, black and white and badly scratched.

If you are deciding to have your cine film transferred to digital or DVD you will probably have one or more of the formats mentioned above. At Timeless Moments we have professional telecine machines for each format. We carry out all the transfers here in our studio where the film benefits from a thorough cleaning process before entering the cine film transfer on the telecine machine.

The price includes:

  • High Definition Telecine cine film transfer on professional equipment

  • Enlarged gate to see the full frame of your film (most telecines cut around 20% off the edges)

  • Cleaning and lubrication of the film with FilmGuard (this also improves the contrast and removes scratches

  • White balance colour correction post telecine capture

  • Editing out any blank or unwatchable film

  • Finalisation to a high-quality MP4 file that will play on any device.

Video Tapes Transfer

Magnetic Video Tape Transfer to Digital £11 per hour (after editing e.g. removing unwanted footage) - ALSO DVD to DIgital - if you have already got DVDs and would like them transferred to digital files.

Transfer tapes to digital, transfer tapes to DVD

It's now over 40 years since VHS tapes were first used and around 30 years since camcorders were using video 8 tapes. Tapes, being magnetic-based, don't fare as well as cine film and many are becoming unplayable as they are slowly wiped from environmental magnetic fields. 

It's time to transfer your memories from tape to a modern digital format that will quite literally last a lifetime. We transfer all types of tapes, Video 8, Hi-8, Digital-8, miniDV, microMV, VHS, VHS-C (and the Super variants), as well as Betamax and some very old and unusual formats like Philips 2000. We only charge you for the good footage, so after we remove unwanted film such as TV or films from the inside of a handbag, whatever is left is what you are charged for. We transfer tapes to digital files on USB, Hard Drive and/or the Cloud.

The price includes:

  • Transfer using high-quality Sony decks with time base correction and multiple play heads to ensure the very best quality transfer possible.

  • Editing out TV, unwanted footage

  • Correction for errors, such as noise or exposure if required

  • Output to MP4 (or other format of your choice) file that will playback on any device

Comparison: One of our competitors you can easily find charges £65 per tape regardless of what's on it. Let's say you have 10 tapes with one hour of footage on each tape. Our competitor would charge you an astonishing £650 to transfer these films, and we would charge you for 10 hours @ £11 per hour which is £110. This is why charging for the actual content is so important and ultimately the only fair way to charge.

Slides & Photos Scanning

Slides scanning service

35 mm slides and prints to Digital Tiff & Jpeg on the cloud, access anywhere in the world from 60p per 35mm slide

The price includes 3200 dpi tiff files (6400 dpi POA) on the cloud. The second set of jpegs is included free of charge.

Using Epson high-resolution slide scanners we can breathe new life into those old 35 mm slides. The scanner is specially designed to get the best out of slides and will automatically compensate for fade, exposure, colour and even remove scratches, dust, fingerprints and dirt, magically rebuilding the correct image. Once scanned the software can improve the image further. Each slide or print is scanned at 3200 dpi (40MB), large enough for an advertising billboard and will give superb prints at A4 or even A3 size. We do not charge more for output as a tiff file.

Digital ICE™ included as standard!


Digital ICE™ is the industry standard system for computerised digital restoration of film (CDRF). Developed by Nikon for use with their high-end slide scanners, only a highly trained individual using the latest photoshop software can come anywhere close to the level of restoration that can be achieved with Digital ICE™ and the cost would be extremely high to hand touch up each and every frame to the level of Digital ICE™ restoration could take between 10 minutes and 2 hours depending on the amount of restoration required per slide.

In the images below you can see how the software corrects the badly tinted films in the left image. Click to enlarge.

Reel to Reel  Audio Transfer

transferring reel to reel audio to digital

Magnetic Audio (Reel to Reel and Cassette tapes) from £10 per hour

We use a superb Akai GX-215D Auto Reverse professional reel-to-reel tape recorder for the transfer of audio reels to a digital file. This is not some cheap USB gadget on Amazon, this is the business and will get the very best from your tapes

The price includes:

  • Transfer the Akai GX-215D professional tape recorder

  • Editing out radio and other unwanted sounds

  • Correction for errors, such as AC hum and other noise 

  • Output to MP3 file that will playback on any device

We transfer reel to reel to MP3

We transfer cassettes to MP3

Free NEXT DAY* Courier Collection for all orders anywhere in the UK mainland

We understand that your films are priceless to you and ideally you would prefer to drop

off the films if you lived close enough. We have had people drive the length of the

country to hand-deliver their films because they are afraid of being lost if they

post them normally.


First of all, we would like to assure all readers that since 2004 the number of packages

that have gone missing on route to us or been delayed more than a few days numbers.

....ZERO. That’s right, it has never happened. Providing you address your parcel correctly and use Royal Mail first class recorded or special delivery your parcel will arrive at our studio within one or two days.

However, for peace of mind, we are offering a FREE collection service for ALL orders within the UK mainland. All you need to do is box up the films, weigh and measure the box preferably in Kg and cm, and then call us to arrange collection. We will arrange the best date for your films to be collected and email you the packaging labels to stick on the box. It’s that simple and your films are guaranteed to arrive safely. You will of course save a considerable amount of postage costs on large items when compared to Royal Mail. To arrange collection call us now on 0115 9301 699. See our shipping page for more information.

*Usually next working day collection is available depending on the time of your call.

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